0 Stop Log Gates: Manufacturer | Supplier – gantry cranes

Stop logs are hydraulic gates that are used in flood control gates to adjust water level or rate of flow. They are normally used to isolate equipments such as pumps and gates for maintenance. These stop logs gates are supplied in multiple sections for ease in handling which can be removed for storage.


  • Used for head balancing
  • Automatic engaging and disengaging
  • Lifting lugs
  • Rubber seals around the perimeter
  • Open channel service
  • Water level regulation

We manufacture stop log gates that are highly efficient and made up of high quality materials. They are typically made of aluminum which is used to lift lugs for use in lifting beam. No matter what type of water control gate is required in your project we provide you with the best stop log gates. We have attached rubber lip seals on each end of the log to ensure complete isolation. They can also be stacked to cover a greater amount and provide accurate sealing in the location.

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