0 Gear Shaft Manufacturer, Helical Gear Manufacturer in Gujarat, India

Gear shaft is a device that rotates and engages with other gear and rotates it creating an integrated system. Those gear shafts that have gearing profile at the ends are known as intersecting shaft gear. These shafts are highly efficient to control the motion and transmit the power between the intersecting angles. They are the best suit for the projects and devices that need high speed and strength in working capacity.

The gears that we manufacture are verified under special observation of quality check managers. They are fabricated using the best quality of materials bought from the chief retailers to ensure that they are of world class standards. In the market, we stand as manufacturer and exporter of gear shafts which are renowned in our domestic and international market.


  • High speed working
  • Efficiency in transmission
  • Accuracy
  • Quality materials
  • Least maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant
Gear Shaft Manufacturer In India
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