0 Helical Gear (पेचदार गियर), Spur Gear Manufacturer and Exporter in Gujarat, India

Helical gears are modification over the spur gears. The teeth’s of the helical gears are not set parallel with the axis of rotation of the gears, but are set at a specific angle. As there is angling of the teeth in the helical gears it makes them work smoothly and quietly. We make them efficiently and accurately. Perfect inclination is given to each of the tooth in the gear so as to improve the working of the gear. As a manufacturer of helical gear we are renowned and chief producer in the market.

These gears are used to give high efficiency in the process of transmission and function at high speed. We have gained decades of experience in manufacturing the helical gears that are mostly preferred by the industrials in the market to make the working of the machine even and long lasting. These gears have great torque due to its helical shape and can even be used to transmit the motion at any angle. We manufacture helical gears with high accuracy and provide them in various parts of India giving on time delivery without any kind of delay.


  • Smooth working
  • Noise less operation
  • Accurate transmission
  • High speed operation
  • Durability
  • Least maintenance
  • Saves energy
helical gear manufacturer in ahmedabad
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