0 Rope Pulley Manufacturer, Supplier: Shree Shakti Engineering Works

A rope pulley is a system that is used to lift or move objects using ropes and wheels. The wheels can be made of plastic, metals, wood or any other material that suits the usage at its best. As manufacturer we, provide them in various shape, size, features and materials of the rope as well as the pulley. The object that is to be displaced is tied to the rope by one end and the other end is pulled by a human or any machine between which a pulley is attached to make the operation smooth.

The material used as rope varies as per the location where the pulley is to be used and the object that is to be lifted or pulled. We provide various kinds of rope pulley assembly according to the requirement and specification ordered by the client. This rope pulley manufacturer system varies according to the purpose of system and location of use. Even as supplier and exporter, we are the chief provider of pulley in the country as well as worldwide.


  • Smooth transmission of object
  • Simple function
  • Easy operation
  • Less maintenance
  • Faster lifting
Rope Pulley Manufacturer
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