0 Eot Crane, Gantry Crane, Vertical Hoist Crane Manufacturer and Supplier

We are serving in the market as the top manufacturer and supplier of cranes since 1982. We have a got a great experience in this field and this has added to our quality and consistency of our products. We gantry cranes manufacturer various irrigation equipments like rope drum hoist, vertical dam gate, stop log gates and heavy duty fabrication. In addition to this non ferrous casting like bush, gun metal, aluminum bronze bush, trunnion hub bush is also produced at our company.

At shree shakti eng, we manufacture the best type of various industrial parts and equipments including bushes, EOT cranes, gantry cranes, heavy duty gates and engineering spare parts. The cranes we manufacture are of high quality materials and standard parts. Finding the best cranes for your industry is the most tedious work but we make this simple and easy. We provide the best quality and standard size of cranes that can handle heavy load and can bare tough conditions.


  • Effective and safe operations
  • Less maintenance
  • Economic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Robust body
  • Easy installation


  • Irrigation lifting equipment
  • Stop log gates
  • Gun metal Bushes
  • Aluminum bronze bush
  • Spur gear
  • Rope pulley
  • EOT crane
  • Gear coupling

As a manufacturer and supplier, we also provide after sales support which is one of our qualities that we brag about. We likewise offer help for cranes that you have presumably bought from whatever other maker. Our gantry cranes are manufactured utilizing the best materials and latest technology in accordance with industry standards. The equipments and parts we make are tested and verified under various tests in the quality control department. Clients prefer our machineries and equipments as they meet their requirements efficiently.

To be an excellent company in engineering, construction, design, and project management association by attaining an amazing effect for our customers.

We have extended our barter company to become famous companies in construction and engineering. We are most faithful admirable provider by our customers o these skilled services by doing endlessly doing difficult work and importing the largest range to every work that is build up.

We provide elevated quality work that is provided at all our sited. As we are consider work before initial judgment connection to give best work to all our customers. We reproduce on quality of occupation due to an excellent quality of work will provide chances for more task.


One of the first things you would hear about cranes is that they are highly useful for commercial purposes. Gantry cranes especially find a lot of commercial use and thus are cranes that would be discussed in the domain with a lot of regularity. Normally, you would find that gantry cranes are huge models, with each crane talking about weighing some hundred tons, if not more….

The Gantry Crane is simply applicable to purchase through the many gantry crane manufacturers, even though it is requires making assure you acquire it from dependable seller. It is required to guide the company has an excellent track record and preserves some types of levels for the cranes that it manufacturers. It is essential to inquire about the pledge on the crane too. In addition which is required to make sure the gantry crane once bought is established properly and tested earlier to apply.

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